Cassette | La Manta live at HumuS

La Manta
Clara de Asís & Golem Mécanique
Live at HumuS, Lausanne (CH), Nov. 2016.
28 ‘, single-sided magnetic tape.
Released by Drone Sweet Drone records.
Limited edition.
Insert kraft and tracing paper.
(sold out)

With new artwork and package designed by Mathieu Tilly-Druidhigh Visuals.
Linocut / stencil.
Limited edition.
Order from Drone Sweet Drone.

Recorded by Francisco Meirino.
Concert curated by Francisco Meirino, organized by Michael Le Libraire.

Clara de Asís – electric guitar, electronics
Golem Mécanique – voice, drone box.

la manta live lausanne cassette
First edition (sold out)
Second edition. Artwork by Druidhigh Visuals.
Each one is unique.
Making of the package and the artwork by Druidhigh Visuals.