TRK. Sound Club (Tempo Reale) at Fritelli Arte Contemporanea, Firenze (ITA). 16/02/2017. Photo ©Simone Petracchi.

Clara de Asís is a composer and performer of contemporary experimental music. She develops an approach to sound that highlights simplicity, non-intervention and active listening as means of music making. Her works display an extreme precision and intuitive openness that involves a dedicated attention to sound on its details and its most pure forms.

As well as guitar as her main instrument, she uses different combinations of objects, materials and sound sources, incorporating electroacoustics and minimal approaches.

De Asís’s compositions utilizes a minimal, spatial framework in which performers can create individual sounds with personal instrumentation to attain a paradoxical but coherent result, bringing out unexpected possibilities and revelations coming from the sound itself.

Her music has been showcased in many international scenes including New York, Berlin, Paris, Prague, Calcutta, Stockholm, Madrid, Huddersfield and Helsinki.

Besides actively releasing collaboration albums in recent years, notably Without (elsewhere, 2018) with Greg Stuart and Erik Carlson, her 2018 solo album Do Nothing (Another Timbre), on which she played guitar and percussion on a set of her six compositions, was extremely well received.

Her music has been released by PiedNu (Uno todo tres, 2016, France), INSUB (Appalachian Anatolia / d’Incise, Switzerland, 2016), Marginal Frequency (L’Inertie, with Bruno Duplant, USA, 2017), Another Timbre (Do nothing, UK, 2018), elsewhere (Without, with Greg Stuart & Erik Carlson, USA, 2018) and Pilgrim Talk (Sans nom ni forme, USA, 2020).

Some of her collaborations include Bruno Duplant, Noël Akchoté, d’Incise, Rebecca Lane, Lauri Hyvärinen, Farida Amadou, Patrick Farmer, Greg Stuart, Erik Carlson, Mara Winter.

Clara de Asís curates and organizes the Ernestine series, dedicated to showcasing international experimental contemporary music in Marseille, France, since 2018.

In March 2020, she co-founded the record label Discreet editions together with historical flautist/composer Mara Winter. It aims to explore the convergence between experimental contemporary and historically-informed aesthetics in music.

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