TRK. Sound Club (Tempo Reale) at Fritelli Arte Contemporanea, Firenze (ITA). 16/02/2017. Photo ©Simone Petracchi.


Clara de Asís is a Spanish composer and guitarist based in France. She develops an approach to sound that highlights simplicity, non-intervention and active listening as means of music making. Her works display an extreme precision and intuitive openness ; both distinctive of Clara de Asís manner, that involves a dedicated attention to sound on its details and its most pure forms.

De Asís’s intuitive, unconventional style of compositions utilizes a minimal, spatial framework in which performers can create individual sounds with personal instrumentation incorporating active listening, to attain a paradoxical but coherent result that “setting a frame could bring out a lot of unexpected possibilities and revelations that come from the sound itself.”

Her music has been showcased in many international scenes including Berlin, Paris, Prague, New York, Huddersfield and Helsinki.

Besides actively releasing collaboration albums in recent years, notably ‘Without’ (elsewhere, 2018) with Greg Stuart and Erik Carlson, her 2018 solo album ‘Do Nothing” (Another Timbre), on which she played guitar and percussion on a set of her six compositions, was extremely well received.

Her music has been released by PiedNu (Uno todo tres, 2016, France), INSUB (Appalachian Anatolia / d’Incise, Switzerland, 2016), Marginal Frequency (L’Inertie, with Bruno Duplant, USA, 2017), Another Timbre (Do nothing, UK, 2018) and elsewhere (Without, with Greg Stuart & Erik Carlson, USA, 2018).

Some of her collaborations include Bruno Duplant, Noël Akchoté, d’incise, Rebecca Lane, Lauri Hyvärinen, Greg Stuart, Erik Carlson.

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