La Manta live at HumuS

La Manta
Clara de Asís & Golem Mécanique
Live at HumuS, Lausanne (CH), Nov. 2016.
28 ‘, single-sided magnetic tape.
Released by Drone Sweet Drone records.
Limited edition.
Insert kraft and tracing paper.
(sold out)

With new artwork and package designed by Mathieu Tilly-Druidhigh Visuals.
Linocut / stencil.
Limited edition.
Order from Drone Sweet Drone.

Recorded by Francisco Meirino.
Concert curated by Francisco Meirino, organized by Michael Le Libraire.

Clara de Asís – electric guitar, electronics
Golem Mécanique – voice, drone box.

la manta live lausanne cassette
First edition (sold out)
Second edition. Artwork by Druidhigh Visuals.