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Tiempo, piedra, insecto, an inedit piece commissioned by radio Museo Reina Sofía, Madrid, Sept. 2019.

• Clara de Asís music played at NTS radio program Sendspaace, April 2019.

Tapage Nocturne invites Clara de Asís. Concert and interview (FR) with Bruno Letort, Feb. 2019, Paris.

Interview au Gmea, Centre National de Création Musicale – Albi (FR), with Gérôme Blanchard and Didier Aschour, Nov. 2018.

• Clara de Asís’s music featured at Jesse Goin’s Crow with no mouth radio episode #20, August 2018.

À l’improviste au Festival Nuit d’Hiver, France Musique, Clara de Asís & Noël Akchoté / Interview (FR) with Anne Montaron, Dec. 2016.

Carte Blanche (monograph) Clara de Asís, Radio Grenouille / Interview (FR) with Marianne Crousillac. Sept. 2016.




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