Excerpts from a selection of scores and related documents.

If you’re interested in using, performing any of these or seeing more from them, contact me.

Excerpt from Yace alguien, 2020.

Excerpt from De ce côté-ci, 2019.

Tiempo, piedra, insecto, 2019.

Notes for Do nothing, 2017.

A page from Comme un souvenir, 2019.

A page and notes from Souvent, 2019.
For Heather Frasch, Margareth Kammerer & Seiji Morimoto.

Excerpt from Without, 2018.
For Erik Carlson & Greg Stuart.

Excerpt from everyday less, less everyday, 2017.
For Juhani Grönroos, Lauri Hyvärinen, Jukka Kääriäinen & Sigurdur Rögnvaldsson.

Notes for a concert, 2017.

A page from gravity and horizon, 2019.
Composed for Patrick Farmer's collaborative book Azimuth, the Ecology of an Ear (Sonic Art Research Unit, 2019).